Top Tips for Buying Business Software

Gone are the days of businesses spending huge amounts of money to buy a software license for a large piece of software.  This software would often contain elements the business didn’t need and cost more than they would really like to spend but were left with no option.  Today, there are cloud services and software as a service products that mean these days are gone.  But buying business software can still be filled with pitfalls and wasted money so here are some top tips to help get the best for your business.

Type of Software

For many businesses, software as a service (SaaS) or other cloud products are usually the way to go.  However, there are situations where physical software may still be the best option.  One reason for this may be if the business is in an area with slow internet connection speeds – this would mean it would take a long time to upload software and updates.  Or it may be that specialist software is required that is still only available via physical software options.

Finding the Right Product

Once the business knows whether they want physical or cloud based software, then the hunt begins.  It can be a very time consuming and sometimes confusing job to find the right software and for this reason, many companies choose to get professional help from an IT support company.  These are experts who deal with all aspects of software from its acquisition to maintenance and can be a cost effective option to employing someone to deal with the business’s software.

Getting Help

Whether you choose IT support or do it yourself, choose software that offers a top support structure.  This covers if something goes wrong but also when there are updates or amendments needed.  Look for 24/7 cover in the case of a problem as well as comprehensive solutions for upgrades and updates.  Alternatively, if you use the IT support option, discuss their service in this area before engaging their services.

Getting Trained

Once you have the software you want, you then need to teach your staff to use it.  Look for software that comes with or can provide training for your staff.  Ideally this should be using the internet rather than sending them somewhere for an expensive training session, though this may be needed with some specialist software.


After what it does and what it costs, security is perhaps the most important issue for anything computer related today.  Knowing that the software has the right security built into it or that it works alongside the software in use is crucial.  Cyberattacks are continuing to grow and become more complex so businesses need to know that everything on their systems or that they use is safe and secure.


Choosing software can be a major decision for your business with far reaching consequences.  Doing it yourself can work but by using the services of an expert, this can remove the stress of the decision and allow you to focus your attention on other areas of the business.

Your Business Needs Business Software

Some of us don’t like change, but if you want your business to grow, change is necessary. So if you’ve been clinging onto the belief that you don’t need ‘fancy’ business software to help your company grow, this short video from Electric Cloud explains how every business is a software business.